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How-To: Wiring new door speakers - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums Now feed the speaker wire (x2) through the holes and into the door. You should now hav something like this:

Wire Feed Through Harness Grommet - Apr 04, 2012  · Hey Robertoyou can cut the new grommet, fit it to the harness and then face the cut down and that will do a fair job of hiding the cut, but the fact is the grommets are usually fitted (at the factory) before the connectors are fitted, so it is difficult to fit them on large harnesses with the connectors in place.. Strip Fixture Wire Harness Connecting Kit Installation Instructions for Inter-Connecting 4’ Kit (SFAM06) and 8’ Kit (SFAM07) side of harness through the hole and place 2nd split grommet over Remove knockout at end of fixture and feed female side of harness through hole. Place split grommet over wires and insert into opening. V9 (11. Wire harness lead should be at front of step rail to feed through hole in front bracket. See fig. 4 Flex Tube sticks up approx. 1 inch above grommet Feed any excess harness through grommet to eliminate sagging. Using 12mm socket, tighten front bracket 25mm.

Tape a leader wire to a piece of coat hanger that is about 5-6 inches long. Push the coat hanger and your wire through from the engine bay, finding the hole you punched with the screwdriver. You can lie on your back on the floor and fish your hand above the big black junction box and feel the coat hanger.. Next, we insert the firewall grommet into the pre-stamped hole in the hood, and feed the tan colored wire from the wiring harness through the grommet. Then, attach the tan colored wire terminal to. Feed the following vehicle wiring harness wires from the engine compartment to the cab through the holes in firewall. Install grommets on wires and into holes in firewall. • Red eight-gauge wire with red connector of the spreader harness, routed through the engine compartment, to the battery. NOTE: Step 16 requires the cab control to be.

the custom wiring harness end with the 12-pin connectors and yellow wire though (R). Step 14 Route the custom wiring harness end with the yellow wire out through the grommet opening and though the slit in the grommet. Insert the wiring harness end with yellow wire between the separated connectors. Make sure the connectors. 1955 Tail Lamp Feed With Grommet $79.99/Ea >> 1955-1957 Back Up Light Harness $24.99/Ea 1955 License Plate Lamp Feed (Through Lid) $12.99/Ea Photo Coming Soon Photo Coming Soon 1955-1956 Under Dash Ground $19.99/Ea 1955-1956 Turn Signal Socket Pigtail $12.99/Ea. Rubber Grommets and Bushings are cable protecting devices which cover through holes with sharp edges. By covering these sharp edges, Rubber Grommets and Bushing prevent cables from tearing and abrasions, as well as keep the cables in place through panels..

Mar 19, 2014  · There's usually a bundle passing through the firewall on the drivers side (look around / under the brake master cylinder) and you can usually slide a few more wires thought he original grommet. The "tail" of a cable tie makes a good leader to feed wires through.. The passenger side inner fender does retain the majority of the engine compartment central harness as this part of the harness has the majority of the engine management sensors and it looks a mess and I wondered how all that will pass through the grommet.. Nov 13, 2014  · Look at picture 1 below. Arrow 1 in that picture shows the large rubber grommet around the harness and the location of where that harness comes through the fire wall. Arrow 2 is the grommet that holds the armored cable which comes from the ignition switch to the coil. The two arrows marked 3 are lines for the windshield washer pump to switch..

3) Route wire loom(s) through headlight nacelle on right side by handlebars/clamp cover, then through frame grommet. Feed through Leaving approximately 6” sticking out. red wire from the vehicle harness to the male spade terminal on the small red wire from the feed the end of the harness with the ten terminals through to the cab. Use a grommet to seal the firewall around the harness..

Passing wires through firewall - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums The grommet will pop right out and you can drill through the grommet and feed your wires through.
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Testing the WOT Box Use minimal force when pulling the wires through so that you don't pull the grommet out of the firewall.
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180 Piece Harness Grommet Set

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